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Did you know? 9 Reasons To Call All Star Rentals

“I had no idea you could do that!”

We know. We get that all the time. Many of our clients initially come to us with simple

requests of chairs and tables, and in conversation learn of our extensive offering and

enhanced services. They exclaim “Wow!” and we back up a little to leave room for their

cartwheels and happy dance. Why? Because in that moment we become their one-stop-

shop, with a proven track record of streamlined operations and expansive capabilities.

Read on for a sampling of why our clients are so excited.

Let’s start with the fun stuff. Choose from a broad range of sizes and designs, for indoor and outdoor fiestas, complete with installation and removal service. Not included are your coolest moves, party vibes, nor your high school mix tapes.

At some point those dancing feet have to rest, and we carry all you might need for a designated lounge space. Our inventory features modular sectionals, swanky curved sofas, ottomans and coffee tables. With the addition of cozy spaces, great conversations

and gossip inevitably ensue.

Where the party goes, so do we. All Star Rentals features modular bar components to create a saloon in the shape and size of your choosing. Allow the Pina Coladas and the

Kiddy Cocktails to flow, and we will handle the rest.

Your bouncing needs are met with more than 100 units to select from. All we ask is you envision beyond the obvious, because we provide much more than your youth oriented entertainment. All-ages obstacle courses, jousting implements, and larger than life slides

bring out the kid in all of us, and the animal in any party guest who’s had a beer or two.

Do you know all that goes into creating weather cover for your esteemed guests? Without our aid, tenting could be tricky, so allow us to guide you through the size and selection, provide you with a custom CAD diagram, and handle the ins and outs of installation. Or, if you fancy yourself the DIY type, ready-set-go canopies are available

for pick-up.

Granted, this one might not be a huge surprise to you, however our clients are often amazed by the far-reaching selection of linens, tables and chairs in the All Star offering. From rustic farm tables, to beautifully textured reversible linens, to simple chairs that fold both open and closed, together we can create a dining experience worthy of a multitude of “Mmms” and “Yums.”

The All Star Rental portfolio extends well beyond celebrations, into professional

conferences. Staging, pipe and drape, stanchions, table skirting and more can be provided to accommodate the suits and tradespeople of just about any industry. Our staff is here to guide and coordinate with show personnel so that you don’t have to.

Allow us to assist with heavy equipment, dirty jobs, and sky-high heights with skid

steers, excavators, trenchers, bucket lifts, and more. Sometimes elbow grease needs an assist for your ease and safety, available for pick-up or delivery from a number of southeast Wisconsin locations.

Your friends at ASR are proud to be much more than a warehouse full of equipment. With a quick call or online booking, our team will provide personalized guidance to help execute and organize your event, from planning to clean-up. Leave no detail missed by

leaving it to the pros at All Star Rentals.

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