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Tips for Throwing an Awesome Outdoor Tent Party in Milwaukee

Outdoor parties in Wisconsin, like rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, and company parties, are where cherished memories are made. Whether it's a sunny day or a cool summer evening, the outdoors sets the perfect scene. To throw an unforgettable backyard party, just add some planning, creativity, and a dash of imagination.

Here are tips and fun ideas to make your event a hit!

Step 1: Select the right tent!

Consider where you'll place the tent – on grass, asphalt, concrete, or elsewhere. Can it be securely staked into the ground? Additionally, take note of the following:

  • Are there underground sprinklers in the area?

  • Are there overhead powerlines or trees to be mindful of?

  • Do you have sufficient space for the tent setup?

Selecting the right location and style is the initial step in finding your ideal tent. Let's explore your options together.

Step 2: Make sure there's plenty of space!

For smaller events, we provide a range of tent sizes and styles. Below are some traditional tent diagrams to consider. Remember, while guests enjoy mingling, when it's time to eat, they prefer seating and tables to enjoy their meals. For casual, come-and-go events, consider fewer tables and incorporate cocktail tables for a relaxed atmosphere

All Star Rentals Canopy Tent layouts
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