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Meet the All Star Rentals Team: The Magic Makers Behind Your Events!

Michael Erickson

Mike- Owner of All Star Rentals


Before All Star Rentals opened its doors in 2002, Mike owned and operated multiple gas stations and rental properties. After gaining 20+ years of experience, he decided to make a change and jump into the fun, fast-paced world of party rentals!  Mike brings dedication and a hands-on style to the day-to-day operation of the business, and has spent the last 20 years growing and expanding All Star Rentals into the successful rental company it is today.  When you see him around the office, he'll have a Pepsi in his hand and be happy to talk numbers with you.  His ASR Team is family to him, so Saturday donut runs and team lunches are his way of saying "Thank You" and showing his appreciation.  On the rare occasion that Mike isn't in the office, he enjoys spending time with his grandkids and taking them to fun and unique places around the state.  He and his wife, Phyllis, enjoy time together, reminiscing with friends and family, over dinners and at their annual family reunions, and dreaming of where they'll travel in their retirement, though we all know, he has no plans of retiring any time soon.  He's still having fun crunching numbers, driving the delivery trucks when we need him to, and dreaming of what's next for All Star Rentals!

Phyllis Erickson

Phyllis- Co-owner of All Star Rentals


Phyllis and Mike have been married for 45 years and have been in business together for almost all of those!  When Phyllis isn't spending time with her 6 grandchildren, she is in the office handling ASR's finances and administrative needs.  When you see her in the office, she'll probably have a grandchild by her side, paperwork in her arms, or a treat for a team member's birthday or work-iversary.  She is also super helpful to our linen team when an extra set of hands is needed.  She managed that area of the business for us for many years, so from time to time, you can still find her helping the team wash, press, and package linens.  Outside of ASR, she loves to go bowling with friends, and she and Mike enjoy going out to dinner at some of their favorite spots and connecting with friends.  

Heather Spaugh

Heather Spaugh- General Manager at ASR

General Manager

​Heather has worked for All Star Rentals since the doors first opened. Throughout the past 21 years, she has worked in every area of the business, including tent installation! Not only does she manage the day-to-day operation on the front end of the business, she has handled hundreds of our formal, special event, and wedding orders. Her talents range from coordinating a fully tented wedding, to designing our website and marketing materials. Heather is our go-to resource for any and all questions regarding any area of the business, and she looks forward to working with you to plan your perfect event!

Lisa McFadden

Lisa - Service and Operations Director

Service & Operations Director

Lisa joined All Star Rentals in May of 2019. She has an Associate’s Degree in Fashion/Retail Marketing from Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) and brings with her almost 20 years of customer service, leadership, and management experience.  The Event Rental business may be new to Lisa, but her passion for an A-MAZING customer experience and her drive for positive results are not.  She works with our Event Coordinators, Crew, and Managers to make sure that our onboarding and training is consistent, everyone’s on the same page, and systems are in place so that your event, from conception to tear-down, and everything in between, is beyond your expectations!  

Johnny Peterson

Johnny- Warehouse and dispatching team member

Warehouse & Dispatching

Johnny has been with All Star Rentals for 11 years, and started with the company as an event installation specialist. Johnny now juggles multiple duties as a seasonal personnel manager, dispatch manager, and warehouse coordinator. As his job description has evolved, Johnny has consistently risen to the challenge, and he prides himself on keeping things running smoothly and on schedule. Johnny is our go-to resource for questions regarding everything from mechanical rentals, tent installation details, and any question regarding delivery or setup of an order. He also is our resident IT support person. 

Julissa Garay


Linen & Specialty Prep Manager

Julissa joined our team in 2016 and has been dazzling our linen world ever since.  She manages our Linen Department and makes sure that all of your linens are cleaned, pressed, packaged, and properly cared for before they arrive at your event!  She has also taken on many other supporting roles and is instrumental in ensuring that all of our specialty rentals are prepped and picture-perfect for you.  

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