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Celebrate Graduation: 10 Party Ideas to Amaze Your Guests with Water Slide Rentals and More!

Updated: Jan 24

Photo of parents holding hand with graduate in background.

Graduation is coming around the corner! We know you can't wait to celebrate your child's hard work!

At All Star, we are now accepting orders for summer parties, whether they are extravagant or intimate. Let us assist in making your event extraordinary.

Start planning your child's graduation party early. Use these tips to make it fun and unique. When you finish reading, check out our website and Pinterest board for more inspiration

1.Unique Photo Backdrop

Pallet walls, flower walls, drapery, and green hedge walls are the best ways to create a beautiful background for your grad party photos. Make your party unique by taking photos of your graduate and their friends. We will cherish these photos forever, creating lasting memories.

Green Hedge Backdrop with balloons for Graduation party.

2. Chalkboard

Customized chalkboard walls or easels are the way to go to make your celebration unique! This piece will grab attention by featuring your high school mascot, future college, or memorable moments from the past 18 years. You can use it to show guests where your party is or take pictures in front of it for special memories.

Chalkboard sign for graduation party

3. Linens With School Spirit

Linens are the easiest way to show your school spirit representing your high school or your future college plans! Work together with your planner to come up with a creative layout for guest tables, food tables, gift tables, memory tables, and high tops. Then decide which colors to use where to make the space resemble your vision!

Black linen for graduation table decor.

4. Memory Board

Using a pallet wall or a trifold, hang up pictures from the graduate’s first trip around the sun to their last day as a high school senior. Friends and family will be able to reminisce about good times and become more excited for the great times to come. Your senior will see how far they have come and you can have fun creating it together!

Pallet wall room divider for pictures to display at graduation party.

5. Concessions

Choose from a variety of sweet treats like cotton candy, popcorn, slushies, and snow cones. Your guests will definitely come back for more from the snack table. It's a low maintenance choice if you don't want to cook a full meal or are hosting an open house party. Renting these concessionary items is a low cost option that will keep kids and adults happy!

Snow Cones

6. Balloon Arch

Balloon arches are a beautiful and fun way to decorate any party. Use them for photos, over an entrance way, over the food table, or around the memory wall. Your friends and family will be complimenting you on the decor all day long! You can stick to the school colors, rainbow, or anything else that fits your theme.

Balloon Arch

7. Centerpieces

Centerpieces are what people mainly notice when they sit down to eat or chat with family. Using photos and bright colors is a great way for guests to strike up conversation and talk about memories.

Flowers and 2022 signs are also nice ways to bring the theme to the table and tie everything together. Put a jar on every table with paper and pens. Guests can write advice for the graduate to keep.

A centerpiece for graduation.

8. Signs

Signs are good decorations for graduation parties. They can be used to guide guests or label snacks on the food table.

Having a sign with a quote can be useful for showing a theme. For example, if your party has a Friends theme, you can have a sign that says, "The one where they graduate." Your guests would definitely want to pose with this sign and have fun with their friends.

Graduation sign rental

9. Bounce house

Enhance the celebration with boundless fun! Picture the thrill of a  bounce house and the refreshing excitement of a water slide at your graduation party. Ideal for all ages, these attractions ensure an unforgettable experience for everyone. Check out our diverse range of bounce house and water slide rentals to elevate the joy at your event!

2 women playing on a inflatable interactive bounce house

10. Games

Looking for another way to entertain your guests? Yard games are sometimes the best part of graduation parties, get creative with it!

Graduation party game with yard games.

Call (414) 427-9951 or visit our showroom at S107 W16262 Loomis Drive, Muskego, WI!

Take a look at our pins especially selected for Grad Parties!

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