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How to Transform Your Event with Pipe and Drape.

Pipe and drape colors

For some events, basic tables, chairs, and linens just don't cut it. 

This is why pipe and drape is so popular. With conferences, weddings, corporate events, expos, trade shows, and other formal events, just a few slight changes, pipe and drape can make all the difference in giving your space a more professional look.

How does it work?

Pipe and drape is extremely versatile and can be used for just about anything. Using a combination of poles, bases, and drapes, it can create all kinds of elegant backdrops! It works for stage backdrops, room dividers, covers for walls, elegant entrances, photo booths and more! 

Tent weddin with drape

Get creative with colors!

Black pipe and drape is a classic, and can enhance any type of event. White pipe and drape is also another popular option.


You don’t have to stop there! Try some colors that will fit with the theme of your event. With lots of different colors to choose from, there's something for any style.


Find a color for your event here!

It doesn't just need to be a backdrop - look at this beautiful canopy made with our pipe and drape.

Other ways to upgrade your look:

From hedge dividers, stages, table skirting, and linens, there are plenty of other decorations you can add to get the professional look you want. Combined with pipe and drape, these are great ways to transform your event.

Give us a call today to book pipe and drape or get a custom quote for your event!  414-427-9951

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