All Star Rentals FAQ's

S107 W16262 Loomis Drive, Muskego, WI  53150




Q:  How do I get pricing?  I don’t see it on your website!

A:   You can click the “Contact” tab on our website and fill out a quick form and we’ll get back to you with more information.  You can also give us a call directly at (414) 427-9951 and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives about your event needs.  We also offer personal consultations, for you to come in and meet with the Event Specialist that will help you with your event.  You will be able to see our products in person and get prices at that time.


Q:    Do I need to make an appointment to see your products and/or meet with an Event Specialist for a consultation about my event?

A:    You are always welcome to stop by our main showroom during regular business hours.  We are located at

S107 W16262 Loomis Dr. in Muskego, WI.  We do suggest calling ahead and scheduling an appointment so that we can make sure that you are paired up with an Event Specialist that best meets your event needs and can answer your questions to the fullest!


Q:   How far in advance should I reserve items for my event?

A:   Give us a call as soon as you have a date and general idea of what you are looking for.  Even if you are not completely sure of all the details, we can help you get the process started!


Q:    How do I make a reservation?

A:    Call us directly or come in person!  We will get the necessary information from you at that time and take care of all the

details.  To secure your reservation, we do require an initial deposit, which will be based on the items reserved and your contract amount.  We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express for credit card payments.  We also accept cash and check (personal and business checks are currently accepted).

(At this time, we do not accept reservations online, and we cannot accept PayPal or other electronic payment types.)


Q:  Can I pick up my items or do you offer Delivery and Set-up Services?

A:             Both!  When you place your order, talk with your representative regarding “Customer Will Call/Cash and Carry” options, as

this will save you additional Service fees.  Some of our items do require delivery services, but most of our items, especially inflatables and smaller quantity table, chair, and party item rentals are able to be picked up by the customer. 


Q:   What happens if I need to make changes or cancel my order?

Final changes to item counts need to be placed at least 14 days prior to delivery/rental agreement start date.  We do our best to accommodate last minute “Add-Ons” to your contract. Items added to your order within 7 days of the rental agreement start date may be subject to Special Service fees.


Cancellation of items or an entire contract made:

  • Before 30 days of the rental agreement start date, you are responsible for 25% of the ORDER.

  • Within 30 days of the rental agreement start date/delivery date,  you are responsible for 50% of the ORDER.  Within 14 days of the rental agreement start date/delivery date,  you are responsible for 100% of the ORDER. 

Additional Charges may apply if the order has been loaded and/or is already enroute.  Special Order items cannot be cancelled and therefore are non-refundable. (This does not include inflatables.  Please ask your ASR representative for more information.)


Q:      When do I pay for my items?

A:       The initial deposit made at the time of booking holds your reserved items.  Final payment of the remaining balance must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to your rental agreement start date.  This can easily be paid by credit card over the phone.  If you prefer to use cash or check, please discuss this with your ASR representative at the time of booking.


Q:    When will my delivery arrive?

A:     Our team will call you when they are on their way with your items!  You are also welcome to call us the afternoon before your delivery, and we will give you a better idea of what time our Delivery and Set-up Team will be there.  We can generally give our customers a 4 hour block of time in which our team will arrive.  If you require a specific or shortened delivery window, please communicate that with your ASR representative during the reservation planning process (Special Service fee applies).  


Q:    Do I need to be there for Delivery and Pick-up?

A:     For Delivery service, YES, we do need you to be there for our crew.  If you cannot be there, you will need to let your ASR representative know during the reservation process, so that we can note the name of someone else that you have designated to receive your Delivery.  For Pickup service, you do NOT need to be present, but we do need you to make sure that ASR will have unrestricted access to your items in order to pick them up.  Let your ASR representative know where the items will be located and any special instructions, key codes, etc. that our Crew will need for the pickup. 


Q:    What if my order is missing an item or something comes damaged?

A:     Our Delivery and Set-up Crew will review your items with you when you receive them.  This is the best time to double check everything and make sure to ask any questions you might have about using your rental items.  If there is a problem noticed once we leave, call or email us prior to your event, as soon as you notice the issue, so that we can correct the situation and minimize the impact to your event. 


Q:     What if I receive items, but we never use them? 

A:     This does happen from time to time.  You are still responsible for the full rental amount regardless of actual usage of the rented items.  Special order items (including larger quantity purchases) cannot be cancelled and therefore are non-refundable.



Tents, Large Events, and Linens


Q:     How do I know what size tent I need?

A:       There are many factors that go into planning for the right tent.  We suggest a one-on-one consultation with an Event Specialist to discuss your specific location, guest count, and everything you would like under the tent, so that we can determine the best tent size/style for your needs.


Q:    Do I need to call Diggers Hotline before the tent goes up?

A:     All Star Rentals will call Diggers Hotline for tents that will be delivered and installed by an ASR crew.  We do this 7-10 days before we install the tent.  It is the customer’s responsibility to mark any private lines (sprinklers, invisible fencing, etc.), as those will not be identified by the Diggers Hotline locators.  All markings made by Diggers Hotline locators as well as any made by the customer must be kept in place until the tent has been installed.  If markings are moved or modified, or if any tent placement is deemed to be unsafe to install, at any point, by the ASR team, we reserve the right to delay or decline installation.   Additional Special Service fees may be assessed if the scheduled installation is delayed and requires additional return trips.  Refunds will not be issued.  If you are renting a canopy tent and doing a self-install, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact Diggers Hotline 7-10 days prior to your set-up. 


Q:   Do your tents come with sides?

A:             All of our tents have the option to add sidewalls for an additional charge.  They are available in solid or “french” style.  Your Event Specialist will be able to determine how much coverage is ideal for your event and the cost. 



Q:    Can the tent go “anywhere”?

A:     Most tents will be placed in an open, grassy area that is flat.  We are also able to do tents on paved areas, but there are additional services required for these set-ups, such as the use of cement blocks and asphalt patching.  We do offer “site visit” services.  We will send a tent specialist to meet with you and take a look at your space to determine the best set-up for your event.  There is an additional charge for this service.


Q:     What do I do if I don’t have any accurate guest count since my event is still months away?

A:      Don’t worry!  We will work with you on this.  We always ask for a max guest count to start the planning process, and we can edit that count later as your RSVPs come in.  Estimating your counts too low can cause budget and item availability issues closer to your event.  Your final counts are not due until 14 days prior to your event.  (Don’t forget to count guests of honor and any staff or vendors that you may choose to include in your food service as well!)


Q:      What do I do if my venue is requiring everything be cleared out of the space by midnight?

A:       We can arrange for a crew to pick-up your rental items at the required time.  Since this is outside of our regular ASR business hours, there will be a Special Service fee assessed to your reservation. 


Q:     Will my linens come clean and wrinkle free?

A:       All of our linens are washed, pressed, and then packaged for your event.  Our Majestic Linens are all pressed and hung, so there should be minimal, if any fold lines.  You will get some fold lines throughout our Poly Linens from the packaging process.  We do offer a “Press & Hang” option for our Poly Linens that will greatly reduce fold markings.  Please ask your Event Specialist about this service.


Q:      Do I need to wash the linens before returning them?

A:       Linens do not need to be laundered, but care should be taken to avoid mildew.  (Allowing mildew to form or using linens as wiping cloths is considered misuse and not covered by the Damage Waiver.)  Linens should be returned dry, folded, and free of food debris.  Please return all totes, bags, and boxes that you receive with your rental items.  Do not attempt to wash/treat the linen, as this will likely damage the linen.  You will be provided a Linen Damage Acknowledgement Form with your linen rental that will provide you additional details.  Please work with your ASR representative if you have any questions.

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