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Tent Rentals for Parties in Southeastern Wisconsin

Tents are one of our specialties here at All Star! We carry tents of many different sizes and styles, and are always ready to build a custom tent. We do tents for events of all sizes, from simple backyard parties to giant weddings and church festivals. We also offer sidewalls for our tents, to help block rain and wind, or to give your event a cozy, intimate feel.


Not sure what type of tent you'll need? Feel free to call us at 414-427-9951 and one of our event specialists can walk you through the whole process.


Learn the Tent Types Below!

Canopy Tents

Canopy tents are our most popular and affordable tent option, and work perfectly for backyards and events like graduation, birthday, and anniversary parties. Canopy tents are easy to install, and are our only tent option that we offer for self-setup. Most of our canopy tents are striped, and come in a variety of different colors. Canopy tents can only be setup on grass, or staked into asphalt if drilling is allowed. Canopies do have center poles, and the staking required to install does result in ropes extending from the tent. (15x15, 20x20, 20x30, 20x40)

Frame Tents

Our frame tents offer a unique and stylish design that eliminates the need for center poles and side ropes. The open area inside a frame allows you to maximize every inch of space, and because the tent is staked into the ground straight down, they can be fit into tighter spaces and up against buildings. Our frame tents can also be weighted down with water barrels or blocks, which make them the only possible option for setting up a tent on concrete and for venues and parks that don't allow staking.

Tension Tent

Tension tents have majestic peaks, clean lines, and come standard in an elegant white. These tents are perfect for weddings and large functions. Our tension tents are the sturdiest option we offer, and can be set up many days before the main event. Tension tents are our most popular wedding tent option.  Our 30' and 40' tension tents come in single pole options, while the 60' tension tents are twin pole!

Custom Tents

All Star Rentals LLC have worked with a team of engineers to design the ultimate tent! The result: the new T, Cross, Garden, W, and U shaped tents! Each of these styles can be custom built for you, our customer, to fit any event! Whether it's a church festival, formal wedding, corporate function, or other, All Star Rentals has you covered.


The 3 biggest advantages of our Custom tents:

1. Flexible sizes & shapes
2. Helps to keep your party together
3. Lower cost per sq foot when compared with traditional 60' wide tents
*Please note the smallest T Tent we can make is 60x80 (40x80, w 20x40 T)

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