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Beating the Rush: 3 Reasons to Book Early

3 Reasons To Book With All Star Rentals Early
3 Reasons To Book Early With All Star Rentals

It has been a topsy turvy couple of years in all respects, and undoubtedly so in the world of events, weddings, and parties. Brides, grooms, and coordinators have shifted or delayed their plans month after month -- postponing, canceling, reorganizing, and restarting concepts from scratch with fluctuating lockdowns and restrictions. We will call it the “New Abnormal,” which is to say we have learned to simply adjust and roll with the punches in a climate of uncertainty.

We are happy to see the world party on again of course, but with it has come a bottleneck of events, something industry insiders are calling a “Wedding Boom.” All of those celebrations previously on hold are now charging forth, full steam ahead, at exactly the same time, all within a spate of supply chain delays, amidst what was already a limited amount of resources. Not only are party rentals booking out further in advance, but a renewed zest for living has introduced a greater demand for more luxe details and more amenities... just more. Hosts are going all out, and it’s a great time to be a guest at these terrific fetes.

As you plan your next event, we recommend that you meet with our experts at All Star Rentals as far in advance as possible, with the goal of signing a rental contract one year ahead. While it is absolutely possible and our pleasure to assist fewer months prior to your party, the advantages of a longer timeline are threefold.

1. More Time Equals More Options

Whether or not you are pursuing a specific vision, having options allows for a more thoughtful selection and pairing of items. Working with only a few months, many of your preferred rentals might have already been reserved in the months past by another eager bride. We will do everything we can to supply you with exactly what you want, however, please know this is a more difficult task the closer we are on the calendar to your event. With at least a year ahead to browse and decide, you not only can be provided our full selection from which to pick, but this also allows us to seek out custom pieces to execute your vision.

2. Unpredictable Supply Chain

In “normal” times, when demand increases, we simply order more supplies! However, today’s unpredictable supply chain is making it difficult to keep up with and the unprecedented demand for event rentals. We pride ourselves on our vast array of rental choices, but until global supply chains improve, we may find ourselves in a position where we cannot get everything a host’s heart desires at the last minute. Longer lead times help us work our magic to ensure that we’ve got what you want for party perfection.

3: Plenty of Time for the Nitty Gritty

Often when we sit down with our clients, they come to us with a general vibe they are hoping to achieve with their vendor partners. And sometimes that’s all we’re given. This is fine! We can work with your theme and flesh it out from there. But making every detail perfect takes care and consideration. We’ve planned and executed parties of all sizes and themes, in all seasons, and with all types of budgets. We know what to do, and what not to forget. We are here to dot all of your i’s and cross all of your t’s, but to do it completely, we need the time to work with you and pore over the details. With enough time we can be sure you are properly consulted and you aren’t leaving important elements out that otherwise would be sorely missed.

Whether you are planning a grand affair with lots of moving parts, or a sweet and simple gathering, give All Star Rentals a call today to get the party started.


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