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All Star How-To: 7 Considerations When Selecting a Tent

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! There are many options to weigh, but this is a good thing, because it means we can accommodate you in a way that inspires and elevates beyond the original vision. Be assured we are here to walk you through the process start to finish, plan for any unforeseen pitfalls, and collaborate to your satisfaction. Our experience and attention to detail should alleviate your stress at a time of joy and celebration, not add to it. This is the All Star Rentals way, and we are thrilled to get to work for you.

Where’s the Party?

Many of our clients will ask our advice in choosing the right tent, and worry not, we are excited to assist! While guest count is certainly a great baseline from which to begin, often the area the tent is situated will require some adjustment to the tent design itself, or slight shifts in where it will be located. We can’t recommend enough an initial site visit with one of our party pros, to observe and factor in the many variables of tent selection. Their expertise involves analyzing the terrain for slopes, sprinklers and power lines, trees and landscaping, and any other hindrances that may get in the way of a good time.

Square Footage for the Electric Slide

Now we’re ready to detail the spacing that will be needed for guests, as well as any hired staff to move safely and comfortably between tables. Priority #1 is factoring in ample space for a dance floor – conga lines need room to move, after all – as well as food stations, gift and head tables, a bar and cocktail area, and any other entertainment kiosks in need of their own layout. Working together with this info we can finalize a CAD drawing in order to better visualize the space, and share with your other vendors. This is often our favorite step in the process, seeing our client’s face light up as their vision comes to life.

Cut a Rug Without Rain Delays

Seasons change, and with that comes cool breezes and dewy sunsets. Don’t forget outdoor heating and side walls to create a comfortable evening climate for your party people, and move your tent up in size in case rain pushes your guests away from the perimeters. Frequently we find the need to upsize 1 to 2 tent sizes from the original vision, just to squeeze in all the necessary devices under the magic of the canopy.

Powering a Megawatt Party

It is easy to underestimate the amount of electricity required for catering and entertainment gear, lighting, fans and heating devices. We will work closely with you to determine if an additional power source or light electrician work will be needed, where to position equipment to eliminate the trip hazard of power cords, and keep noisy generators out of earshot. Where a simple surge protector won’t suffice, your All Star consultant can provide all the additional juice you’ll need.

To Mow or Not to Mow

Prior to our set-up, Diggers Hotline will be dispatched to mark public utilities, which will need to stay in place until installation is complete, despite any temptations to remove them prematurely. At that point you are fine to dislodge the flags and remove any spray-painted markings left behind. It is not recommended that you mow the day of or day before installation, unless you are able to thoroughly remove the clippings. Loose grass has a way of migrating up onto the tent and any flooring you plan to use, creating quite a mess for your guests’ fancy get-ups, not to mention any exceptionally white gowns that might be present.

Resist the Urge: Wait to Decorate!

After installation, it is quite understandable to want to set up tables and linens the night before to save precious time, however we ask you to get some much needed rest instead. Overnight breezes have a way of picking up linens and carrying them away, or leaving them be while a thick fog rolls in and settles in place. Critters often use tablecloths and decor as a walkway and doormat for their little feet, the table undercarriage as an impromptu nest. What can and should be done in advance of an outdoor event, within 24 hours in fact, is a nice fresh layer of mosquito repellant on the grass and adjacent landscaping. Our region’s natural beauty is a haven for fauna that don’t make the best party guests.

After the After-Party

For ease of planning, we try to be clear and considerate with the timing of set-up and breakdown of your big day. For a large Saturday wedding, for example, our team would set up on either the Wednesday or Thursday prior, and schedule pick-up between Sunday and Tuesday following. This allows for various vendors to off-load and familiarize themselves with the space ahead of time, a thorough and organized clean-up following, and time for you to bask in the afterglow of the Best. Day. Ever.

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