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3 Reasons to Rent Your Holiday Linens

Gobble gobble, jingle jingle, and l’chaim time is approaching fast, and with it a house filled with family. They are coming from far and wide, every last one of them, with bottomless appetites, kids who grew six inches since last year, and 2000 vacation photos they just can’t wait to show you. It’s going to be a lot, but we’re going to help take one big responsibility off your hands. We’ve got your tableware covered. Here’s a few reasons to strongly consider hiring out your holiday hardware.

1. For the Ease of It

Picture this. It’s the night before Thanksgiving and you’ve got four generations arriving the very next day, so that means you’re up until midnight lining up borrowed folding tables, 23 mismatched chairs of varying heights, and you’re praying no one brings an unexpected date because you’ve assembled exactly 23 dinner plates, and not a plate more. The windows are fogged because you’re hot and stressed, and none of this includes the pressure of getting the turkey right the next day.

Now imagine instead the All Star Rentals team arrives with your tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware, and all you need to do is point them in the right direction. You don’t have to buy any of it in advance, nor store it, launder it, assemble or dismantle it. Particularly if you are only an intermittent host, it doesn’t make sense to acquire a garage full of clutter, to be trotted out every few years. Rent it all instead, when the occasion arises. You need only sleep off the cider and bask in the glow of a successful soiree.

2. For the WOW Factor

Even if your home is the go-to for the annual festivities, you are still a terrific candidate for holiday rentals. Embrace the opportunity to select a new theme and color scheme with every gathering. Perhaps this is the year you go rustic, for a cozy glow and the perfect backdrop to live, laugh, and love. Maybe this year’s guest list is better suited to a more luxe look, with gold trimmed chargers and etched glassware. Tell them “Grandma went glam this year,” as you pull out their white Chivari chair. Change it up for each celebration, for a new experience paired with timeless traditions.

For many of us, the “wow factor” is simply amassing enough matching pieces to create a cohesive look. We’ve all been without and can see it vividly in our minds. Uncle Jerry is sitting in the Barcalounger with a wobbly TV tray, and Cousin Rosie is standing with a paper plate in the corner, dripping cranberry sauce onto the carpet. It can be done so much better, with a seat for everyone, breaking bread over matching bread plates, with candles lit and a dignified tablescape. Uncle Jerry deserves better. No one says grace like Uncle Jerry.

3. For the Clean Up

Planning and executing a menu can be a joy, what with the reward of the many groans, “mmmms” and “yums,” punctuated with a “you’ll have to give me this recipe.” It’s enough to have everyone over again the next day for leftovers, and help with clean-up. But you might notice no one ever turns up to flip the tables on their side, beat the legs into their stored position, and haul them away into a freezing November storage shed. You might get a couple of helpers to clear the food, a teenager or two on dish duty, but never done the right way. The beauty of renting your tablescapes is that not only will the All Star team of professionals appear following your party to haul away every last chair, napkin and gravy boat, they never overstay their welcome. No leftovers necessary. (But they certainly won’t say no to a slice of pie, if you’re offering.)

Being together and reconnecting has never been of such profound importance, after having been robbed of it in 2020. We hope you’ll celebrate like never before, with a creative eye and touch of flair. We want you to focus on what’s most important, each other, while we roll up our sleeves for your family. Book your rentals today for a spirited and memorable holiday season.

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