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Pre-Styled Lounge Packages

Ashlyn Collection

Welcome to the Ashlyn Collection! Furniture rentals have never been this easy. With our stunning modular sofa, acrylic coffee table, faux plants and mustard throw pillow, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your next event. And don’t forget the acrylic end table - it’s the perfect finishing touch. We are proud to offer furniture rentals throughout Wisconsin, so don’t wait - rent the Ashlyn Collection today!

Adrianna Collection

Whether you’re looking to dress up a corporate event or transform your home into an inviting space, our selection of modern and timeless pieces will help you do just that. Our rental options include the Theodorus sofa for lounging in style, the Ellis coffee table to bring together a room, elegant faux plants for adding life to any area, and black and white woven throw pillows for a touch of texture. We also offer the Ellis end table, console, and brown tufted lounge chairs to complete the look. We look forward to helping you make your space as beautiful and inviting as possible with the Adrianna Collection.

Chloe Collection

Welcome to the Chloe Collection! We know that planning an event can be stressful and we want to take some of the burden off your shoulders. Our rental furniture provides a unique touch to any gathering, whether it's a party or corporate event. We offer furniture rentals in Wisconsin including a cozy gray sofa, funky geometric nesting coffee table, lush faux plants, blush velvet throw pillows, golden end table, as well as fluffy white throw pillows. All of these elements work together to create the perfect atmosphere for your event!

Peyton Collection